General Secretary Nev Kitchin, and
Assistant General Secretary Natasha Brown

The PSA/CPSU is South Australia's most effective public sector union.

Dedicated to serving the needs and interests of members, the PSA is proud to provide a strong voice for workers across the public sector and universities.

We look forward to working with you to enhance and protect the rights of PSA members.






Why should you be a PSA member?

  • To protect & improve your wages & conditions
  • Journey accident cover to & from work
  • PSA Member Benefits (lots of discounts to save you money)
  • PSA holiday homes (in SA and New Zealand)


Save Library Services Rally

Say No to State Library Job Cuts and sign the petition here.

The PSA rallied to support staff at the State Library of South Australia after the recent announcement to cut almost 20% of staff - that's almost one in every five. This is on top of a 2015 restructure which already saw jobs cut.

This will severely impact on services provided to the South Australian community. Enough is enough. South Australian's deserve better.

Sign the petition here and show your support, oppose these debilitating cuts and send a clear message to the State Government  that we will not tolerate additional cuts to the State Library. PSA members and the South Australian community deserve better.


PSA Officials, staff, PSA Reps and members at the "Don't Archive our State Library Staff" rally.