PSA Goals 2015-2020

The PSA will take such action as is necessary to:

  • Protect and improve employment conditions and standards, real wages and superannuation for members, with ongoing job security, and access to training and skills development.


  • Campaign for the provision of adequate public sector staffing, appropriately qualified, classified and trained, to match workloads, in an environment where public sector jobs are being cut by Government.


  • Recognising the age and gender profile of the Public Sector, take steps to ensure its rejuvenation, while utilising existing maturity and experience to maintain corporate knowledge at all levels.


  • Ensure effective internal processes and income generation through continually reviewing, analysing and improving internal processes and close monitoring of income and expenditure. 


  • Ensure effective communication and consultation.


  • Ensure effective worksite representative networks.


  • Ensure an effective retention, organising and recruitment strategy.


  • Protect members’ rights and physical security and safety at the workplace, including the elimination of workplace bullying, and pursue return to work and appropriate payments to compensate for any salary lost as a result of time off work resulting from such injury or infection.


  • Protect and promote the role of the public sector to meet community needs throughout South Australia, recognising the essential role of Government in economic and social development.


  • Ensure that the PSA demonstrates the relevance of union membership to women, young people, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and people with disabilities and facilitates their participation.


  • Provide an extended range of quality industrial and non industrial services.


  • Ensure adherence to Work  Health & Safety  standards and Equal Employment Opportunity principles.


  • Protect existing, and increase scope of potential membership, while recognising the employment, in particular, of women and youth.


  • Pursue a legislative framework with provision for worker and union rights, within which the PSA is the legitimate representative of public sector and community workers.


  • Campaign for the legislative rights of workers to organise collectively, and for an independent process of conciliation and arbitration, with such collective bargaining being through their union.