General Secretary:
Nev Kitchin

Nev Kitchin CV

Assistant General Secretary:
Natasha Brown

Honorary Elected Officials

Michael Griffiths
Vice Presidents: Michael Barnes
  Raylene Dawson
  Peter Hewish
  Noel Mensforth
  Lillia Rozaklis
Treasurer: Andrew Beck


Council and Executive: How it works

Every four years, members elect Councillors to manage the union’s assets and resources, and to make policies and decisions in the best interests of members.


Every member within an electorate is eligible to stand for office as a Councillor and to vote in elections. Council meets monthly.


Each new Council elects an Executive at its first meeting.  Executive is a sub-group of Councillors which meets frequently to prepare recommendations for Council, and to make urgent or straightforward decisions on its behalf.  Executive must, however, report all decisions to Council for ratification.


All members are entitled to stand and vote for the full-time positions of CPSU (SPSF) Branch Secretary and Branch Assistant Secretary.  These elected officials are responsible for the union’s administration, and are elected for a four-year term.  They are also full members of Council and Executive, and hold the positions of PSA General Secretary, and Assistant General Secretary.


Worksite Representatives

Each worksite is entitled to elect a Worksite Representative.  These people represent the day-to-day interests of members, and are the cornerstone of the union.  They’re skilled and informed delegates who perform delegational and advisory roles to the members on the shop floor.


Worksite Reps act as conduits for the union and its members.  Through the Worksite Reps structure, the union is able to communicate its policies and objectives directly to the membership, as well as tap the views of the members.


Worksite Reps are entitled to attend PSA/CPSU training courses.  They’re encouraged to become involved in Council-authorised committees to help develop policies. Worksite Reps are also encouraged to stand for election as Occupational Health and Safety Reps, to give them additional power under the Occupational Health, Safety and Welfare Act.