PSA Requests More Staff and Leave and Flexi Initiatives

23 May 2017

Further to the recent member meeting, the PSA and your Worksite Representatives met with Public Trustee (PT) management to further advocate for additional resources to address the ongoing workload pressures.

The PT was advised the morale of the workforce continued to deteriorate and, even with the additional ASO3 resources, the system was still at breaking point.

The PSA made it clear that during an earlier conciliation conference at the Industrial Relations Commission the PSA had agreed to the additional ASO3 roles in good faith despite believing even more resources were needed. The PSA has reconfirmed our request for further positions to be funded in correspondence which can be viewed here.

In addition the PT was advised that some ‘more imaginative approaches’ to leave and flexitime were needed to show members that work was being done to assist staff maintain some semblance of a work/life balance. This too is referred to in the correspondence linked above.

A further member meeting will be organised to review the position and the possible industrial options once a response is received from the PT.

The PSA and your Worksite Representatives continue to seek real and tangible solutions to the ongoing workload pressures.