SA Water | Proposed Restructure | Customer Growth and Digital Transformation Teams | Member Feedback Sought

30 May 2019

SA Water (SAW) has advised the Community and Public Sector Union State Public Services Federation Group (South Australian Branch) (CPSU/PSA) of a proposed restructure of the Customer Growth and Digital Transformation teams within the Customer Delivery Group. The PowerPoint and proposed Position Descriptions provided to staff have also been forwarded to the CPSU/PSA by SAW.

SAW advises that in summary:

  •  Customer Growth has 7FTE employee impacted and 4 new positions being created. The net impacted is a 1.9FTE reduction across the team as the 7 is made up of some part time employees.
  •  Digital Transformation has 2 employees potentially impacted with 3 new roles created.

The CPSU/PSA is seeking feedback by email from members to include in the CPSU/PSA's response to the employer. Please forward any comments to CPSU/PSA by email by close of business Friday 31 May 2019 to allow them to be included in a collated and non-identifying manner in the PSA's response.