Consultation for Security Staff Roster

15 January 2016

PSA members have previously reported concerns about changes to the In Court Support (ICS) rostering within the Sir Samuel Way Building. This involves full time security staff to be trained in all aspects of duties taken by ICS staff. The PSA recently raised these issues with the Courts Administration Authority (CAA), Issues raised with CAA include:

  • What data was collected to indicate the need to supplement ICS staff with full time security staff (i.e. rate of absenteeism, number of trials where the short falls have occurred)?
  • How will these proposals impact ICS staff rosters, court finish times, sign off times and if there will be any job losses now or in the future.
  • Will CAA be able to fill contractual obligations in regards to ICS minimum hours.
  • Concerns on the impact on the CAA ICS staff if trials are resolved abruptly or extend considerably beyond expected time frames.


Members can can view the response letter from the Courts Administrative Authority here.

The PSA will continue to consult with members and feed all concerns and issues to CAA management relating to this matter.

Further to this the PSA is seeking to form a Staff Consultative Committee to assist in any future issues that may arise. If you would like to be on this committee for your area please email or call the PSA.