Adelaide Remand Centre Privatisation | Northfield Transition Work-group Meeting

10 January 2019

Public Service Association (PSA) Worksite Representatives from the Adelaide Remand Centre (ARC), Yatala Labour Prison (YLP) and Adelaide Women’s Prison/Adelaide Pre-release Centre (AWP/APC) attended an ARC Transition Work-group meeting at YLP on 7 January 2019.

The Transition Work-group meeting provided an opportunity for PSA Worksite Representatives from the three prison sites to meet along with Department for Correctional Services (DCS) management representatives and discuss issues relating to the integration of ARC staff into the YLP and AWP/APC sites.

At the meeting DCS tabled a document with six proposals for discussion. The proposals include: rosters, succession lists, ARC staff induction, recreation leave, CO4 ARC Supervisors, and ARC CO3.

PSA Worksite Representatives also questioned DCS management about the provision of personal lockers, car parking and personal safety equipment and keys for staff transferring to YLP and AWP/APC.

Worksite Representatives from the ARC, YLP and AWP/APC who are involved in the Transition Work-group meetings will be meeting again on Monday 14 January 2019. DCS management will not be present at this meeting to allow PSA Worksite Representatives to have the opportunity to discuss and prepare a response to the proposals tabled by DCS management.

Following the meeting of PSA Worksite Representatives from the ARC, YLP and AWP/APC on Monday 14 January it is proposed that PSA Worksite Representatives convene all member meetings at their respective sites to inform members of the DCS proposals and seek endorsement of the PSA response.

A further Northfield Transition Work-group meeting with DCS management is currently planned (not confirmed) for Friday 25 January 2019.

Please direct any enquiries to the respective PSA Worksite Representatives at your site.