All SA Pathology Members Meeting at the QEH

16 April 2018

The PSA members meeting held at the QEH on Saturday 7 April 2018 was well attended and very productive. The meeting provided an excellent opportunity for members to share stories, information and issues with each-other, and for the PSA Organiser for SA Pathology to support, outline and explain measures available to members that might contribute towards resolution of issues.

Staff in SA Pathology at the moment are under extreme pressure as they try to maintain a timely, accurate pathology service while enduring the increasing pressure and problems associated with the EPLIS roll out.

The list of problems raised was lengthy including:

  •  technical issues
  •  inefficient changes to work-flow practices
  •  excessive time taken to enter data
  •  requirement to use multiple screens
  •  system outages and associated risks
  •  loss of information
  •  inability to access historic records efficiently (or at all in some cases)
  •  reports to clinicians not acceptable
  •  doctors submitting repeat requests because they can not always see what they have already submitted
  •  loss of confidence by SA Pathology users
  •  issues with management
  •  poor training
  •  ineffective channels of communication
  •  chaos pertaining to ever-changing workaround requirements
  •  increasing back log of work
  •  pressure on turn-around times
  •  staff exhaustion and difficulties in booking leave
  •  feelings of incompetency due to increasing confusion
  •  samples being lost
  •  increasing phone pressure as doctors clamour for results, and so much more.

The list of issues was presented to SA Pathology Executive Director, so as to ensure that members’ issues are heard and understood directly rather than information possibly being filtered and diluted through layers of management. The issues were accepted in good faith and assurance was provided that SA Pathology will continue to strive to resolve the issues as quickly as possible with all resources available and to restore the work place to one where staff can enjoy to come to work and deliver the service with the feeling of competency and satisfaction.

The PSA nevertheless remains deeply concerned about the many issues being experienced by members. All avenues are being pursued towards resolution of particular issues.

The PSA will continue to demand the resolution of all ongoing issues and will continue to update SA Pathology management with a rolling list of outstanding issues needing resolution.

Please email your concerns to PSA so your issues can be included in the PSA’s correspondence.