Annual Allowance Increases Applicable For 2020

21 January 2020

The PSA has once again been actively involved in ensuring that allowance increases are determined and implemented.

Allowances are contained in Determination 3.2 of the Commissioner for Public Sector Employment,

the SA Public Sector Salaried Employees Interim Award, and the Medical Scientists (South Australian Public Sector) Award. Not all allowances are in the Awards, and some allowances in the Awards are not in Commissioner’s Determination 3.2.

The following are the most frequently used allowances increased in Determination 3.2 from 19 December 2019.

The new rates are payable from the first full pay period on or after 19 December 2019. The Determination is available here.

Allowances are amounts paid to cover anticipated costs or as a compensation for conditions of employment. They are not a reimbursement as they are not exact compensation for the expenses incurred. Wherever practicable they should be paid in advance.

Allowances for meals and incidentals:

N.B. Tax invoices or receipts are not required.

Meal allowances
The following meal allowances have been increased in accordance with the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for the four quarters to September 2019. The CPI increase is 1.9% for Adelaide.

(a) Travel within South Australia
(i) Where absent overnight:

New Rate Previous 2019 Rate

Breakfast $19.35 $19.00
Lunch $19.35 $19.00
Dinner $39.90 $39.15
Incidentals $18.05 $7.90

(ii) Where not absent from headquarters overnight:

Breakfast $16.75 $16.45
Lunch N/A
Dinner $23.85 $23.40

(b) Interstate Travel
The allowances for travel interstate have been increased to the following amounts:

(i) For capital cities and Alice Springs:

New rate Old rate
Breakfast $25.35 $24.90
Lunch $25.35 $24.90
Dinner $46.20 $45.35
Incidentals $13.45 $13.20

(ii) Interstate – Other than capital cities and Alice Springs:

Breakfast $19.15 $18.80
Lunch $19.15 $18.80
Dinner $39.40 $38.65
Incidentals $13.45 $13.20

Time of travel
Eligibility for meal allowances is as per Clause 8.4 of the SA Public Sector Salaried Employees Interim Award, and Clause Medical Scientists Award.

1. An incidentals expense allowance of $28.80 ($28.30) per (course) day will be paid to employees attending residential programs of more than two weeks' duration.

2. Employees attending residential programs conducted over a period of two weeks or less will be paid an incidental expense allowance of $13.60 ($13.35) per (course) day.

N.B. Tax invoices or receipts not required

3. Incidental expenditure in excess of these daily rates may be assessed and approved by Chief Executive Officers, providing the expenses have been actually and necessarily incurred and adequate justification is provided.

Allowances towards the cost of accommodation at other than bona fide hotels, motels or boarding houses. All South Australia and interstate $37.00 per night. (No change)

N.B. This amount is an allowance. It is not a reimbursement. Tax invoices or receipts therefore are not required, and as the allowance is to pay “anticipated cost” it should, where possible, be paid in advance. This allowance is in Commissioner’s Determination 3.2 but not in the Awards.

The PSA will advise when the minutes of these changes have been settled by the South Australian Employment Tribunal (SAET). The increases will apply from the first pay period on or after 19 December 2019.