Arbitration to Take Place – DCP Recognises Consultation Required

30 March 2017

After initially arguing that they did not need to consult. The PSA has forced DCP with the assistance of the Industrial Relations Commission to undertake consultation.  This process has taken 10 weeks and still DCP has failed to address many ongoing concerns.

The last Conciliation Conference held on Wednesday 29 March has now set Friday 31 March 2017 for an arbitration on the specific question of consultation only. The last Orders and Recommendation can be found [here].

While the arbitration will focus on 'consultation', members can be assured that the numerous other matters raised and identified by the PSA in our letter dated 29 March 2017 [see a copy here] must be addressed.  The PSA will continue to press DCP to address these crucial matters.  

The fight continues.  The PSA will continue to support members to ensure their rights are recognised and applied.