Assistants to MPs Enterprise Agreement | Ballot Outcome

31 May 2019

The outcome was "NO"

The employer is proposing that another ballot of all Assistants to Members of Parliament be conducted.

Result of ballot was as follows:

  •  Number of eligible employees on the roll           190
  •  Number of envelopes returned                            144
  •  Number of envelopes accepted at scrutiny         97
  •  Number of envelopes rejected at scrutiny           47
  •  Number of electors voting YES                             46
  •  Number of electors voting NO                               50
  •  Informal                                                                    1

The employer has advised the PSA of their concern at the number of envelopes rejected at scrutiny being extremely high. This is approximately one third of the total of envelopes received.

The 47 envelopes were rejected because they were not signed on the back as required. They were therefore not opened, and remain unopened.

The employer has stated their view that a new ballot ought to be conducted, given the extraordinarily high number of invalid envelopes. They acknowledge that employees may have misread the ballot instructions.

They have requested the PSA, ASU and other employee representatives on the enterprise bargaining committee confirm their acceptance to send their proposed enterprise agreement (unchanged) to all employees to again vote "YES" or "NO".

The proposed ballot would be conducted by the State Electoral Commission.

The PSA has responded requesting a meeting of the EB committee to discuss the proposal.

No date has yet been set for a meeting.