Axing of Financial Counsellors Update

14 January 2019

The Public Service Association (PSA) and Members continue to fight against the Axing of the Financial Counselling Program. While the Department for Child Protection (DCP) are progressing with the proposed axing of the program, the PSA is actively campaigning to prevent this essential program from closure.

Many issues and genuine concerns are continuing to be raised as DCP looks further into the roles performed by our multi-skilled and dedicated Financial Counsellors.

There are currently approximately 700 clients being serviced by Financial Counsellors with limited strategies to deal with these extremely vulnerable families and individuals post 30 June 2019.

DCP has acknowledged that the privatisation of this program will not provide a like for like service.

PSA members continue to express concerns for the states most vulnerable families and young people with the ill conceived axing of this core child protection program.

Who will do this work? Certainly not the NGO sector as they currently do not deal with involuntary clients or perform home visits. NGO’s will not be able to deal with walk ins, they simply do not have the capacity.

Who will do the referrals to NGO’s when DCP clients need access to these services?

  •  Child Protection Income Maintenance.
  •   Intake teams when they assist with emergency payments
  •  Post Care clients when they need assistance with housing or centrelink.

Will DCP Case Management be expected to pick up this extra work when they are all managing extremely high workloads already?

The PSA continues to meet with key stakeholders and State Government Ministers to inform them of the extremely detrimental effect to the states most vulnerable young people the axing of the Financial Wellbeing program in the State Budget and the potential negative effect to families in the future.

Members need to remain united in this fight to ensure this essential service continues to provide for the states most vulnerable families and young people.