AYTC Payslip Concerns

24 September 2019

The Public Service Association (PSA) has been advocating on behalf of members at Adelaide Youth Training Centre (AYTC) for a considerable time in relation to the format of payslips that are provided by the Department for Human Services (DHS). Members have been fighting for improvements that the current payslips do not facilitate an easy understanding or interpretation of pay received.

The PSA wrote to DHS requesting that payslips are provided that allow ‘daily actuals’ to be visible. DHS responded advising that an exploration of the configuration of payslips with Shared Services SA (SSSA) would be undertaken and an update would be provided. The subsequent update cautioned that any modification to payslips would be a significant undertaking as the change would not only impact Youth Justice but other business areas that utilise the Department’s Kronos system. The communication further advised that any possible change would require a cost analysis to be undertaken, engagement with all impacted areas and considerable time.

The PSA acknowledges changes may require substantial investment from DHS, but also acknowledges the dissatisfaction expressed by members in regards to this matter. The PSA has written again (here) to DHS requesting a more detailed update of what specific options and solutions are being considered with anticipated timeframes. The PSA also sought information relating to possible interim measures that may be achievable while the more complex preferable solution is progressed.

The provision of interim measures is imperative given that members no longer have the support and assistance of a Kronos team member on site to answer queries since their relocation to Kermode Street as part of the outcome of the functional review of Business Services.

The PSA encourages members to utilise the above support mechanisms while a more satisfactory outcome is realised.

The PSA also reminds members they have the option of requesting an audit of their pay from SSSA should there still be unresolved concerns.