AYTC - South Australian Employment Tribunal Hearing Update - Staff Assignment Policy

06 June 2018

PSA Industrial Officer and PSA Workplace Representatives attended a hearing yesterday at the South Australian Employment Tribunal (SAET) regarding the current policy for assigning staff to positions at Adelaide Youth Training Centre (AYTC).

The PSA’s position is that the staff assignment policy that the Department for Human Services (DHS) is operating is too broad and vague and needs more specification and detail to ensure equity and a safe working environment for members at both sites.

The PSA lodged the matter in the SAET to ensure that DHS would facilitate discussions on the legitimate problems that members are experiencing with the current method for assigning staff. Prior to the hearing, no communication or attempts to consult on the matter had been forthcoming.

The PSA is pleased to report that our endeavours will result in a meeting being convened with the Acting General Manager on this matter within 2 weeks. This is the outcome that the PSA was seeking.

The PSA welcomes the opportunity to progress this matter in a timely manner. The PSA will be seeking amendments to the existing policy such as clear processes for short term assignments vs. permanent assignments, allowance for expression of interest by individuals, appeal mechanisms and transparent disclosure of how many staff are being moved and the general rationale for the assignment.

The PSA will ensure that your opinions are represented with management and that you are updated throughout the entire process. Decisions regarding your workplaces should not be left exclusively in the hands of corporate employees who have limited knowledge of the difficulties and demands required in your roles daily as secure care workers.