CAMHS Restructure Endfield CAMHS Dispute

10 March 2017

Public Service Association (PSA) members at CAMHS Enfield have advised the PSA that at a well attended staff forum held at their site on 28 February 2017, CAMHS Enfield staff were directed by CAMHS Executive to start contingency planning to cease the onsite program by 9 June 2017 (apparently with some flexibility to extend this to 23 June), with full closure by 30 June 2017; and that this was a directive from Ms Lisa Lynch, Women's and Children's Health Network (WCHN) Chief Operating Officer.

This has raised urgent concerns regarding genuine consultation, with the PSA and members asserting that this is a breach of Clause 26 - the consultation clause – of the South Australian Public Sector Wages Parity Enterprise Agreement: 2014.

The PSA raised these concerns with both WCHN, and SA Health. While WCHN have stated that there will be no implementation of the proposed structure while the matter is subject to dispute, or until consultation is completed and feedback reviewed, they have not agreed to cease consultation until the dispute is resolved; nor have they agreed that all “contingency planning” will cease.

Members are concerned that the above brings into question the genuineness of consultation, and whether it is indeed in good faith.

As a result, the PSA has lodged a dispute in the Industrial Relations Commission of South Australia (IRCSA).

As part of the application the PSA have sought that:

  • WCHN undertake no further consultation, planning or progress in relation to the CAMHS Restructure process, until such time that this matter is resolved; and
  • WCHN do not continue with any “contingency planning” related to any possible closure of Enfield CAMHS, until such time as consultation on this Restructure is completed; feedback is reviewed with further consultation undertaken as required; and a final decision regarding structures is made.

The IRCSA has listed the PSA's matter for a voluntary conciliation conference on 16 March 2017. The PSA will continue to keep members updated.