Chief Executive Responds - Appointment of Contract Staff

29 January 2016

The Public Service Association (PSA) recently wrote to Mr Michael Deegan, Chief Executive Department of Planning,Transport and Infrastructure, expressing member concerns with the apparent process of transitioning contract employees ahead of ongoing employees during the Rejuvenation Project.

Members were expressing concerns that contract employees were being placed into positions without an interview being conducted or due process followed. This practice would be in contravention of the DPTI Rejuvenation Principles set up and agreed to in good faith at the start of this process.

A copy of the response from the DPTI Chief Executive can be viewed here.

The PSA invites members with any evidence relating to the transitioning or employment of contractors ahead of ongoing employees, to forward information that the PSA will raise directly with the Chief Executive.

The PSA will not tolerate any members being disadvantaged by actions outside the agreed principles document and welcomes any feedback or concerns from members.

For further information please contact the PSA regarding any workplace issues.