Commitment to the Pursuit of a Fair and Equitable Workplace

21 June 2018

The PSA advocates for members in an open, transparent, collaborative and collective way.

Actions taken collectively by members or on members’ behalf are always the result of PSA membership input, determined through principles of inclusion and transparency.

Members are always kept informed of decisions and processes, which have been determined through our membership processes.

The PSA will always work towards ensuring that the Department for Correctional Services takes members’ issues seriously and takes appropriate actions to resolve them.

The PSA continues to work tirelessly to resolve areas of concern for Edwardstown Community Corrections members including:

  •  A Workplace Flexibility Agreement to accommodate crib breaks for Intensive Compliance Officers.
  •  Clarity and adequate consultation on Retrospective Review Electronic Checks for Monitoring Centre Officers.
  •  Equitable opportunities for career development.
  •  Merit based process selection processes are undertaken.
  •  A safe and healthy workplace.
  •  Member feedback and viewpoints are raised at local forums and escalated, if required.
  •  Procedurally fair investigative processes

The PSA reiterates our commitment to pursuing fair and equitable workplace conditions at Edwardstown Community Corrections. This can only be achieved by members acting collectively and with the core values of what it means to be a union member.

A fractured workplace only serves the employer’s interests.

The PSA encourages members to remain committed to the fundamental principle of ‘strength in numbers’.