Corporate Structures for DCP Financial and Business Services and ICT Proposed

17 July 2017

The PSA, PSA Worksite Representatives and members representing corporate services came together to discuss the new proposed structures for Finance and Business Services and ICT Services in the Department for Child Protection (DCP).

Significant changes are proposed in both directorates, reflecting the new direction of a standalone department.

Staff have been given briefing information for both corporate services and DCP has agreed to provide further position summaries to assist members in discussing the proposed structure. Finance and Business Services:

ICT Services:

The PSA has expressed concern DCP is putting the cart before the horse as the structure is identifying classification of new roles without the developed position descriptions. DCP has confirmed there will be significant work undertaken to progress this documentation and the PSA have requested ongoing updates on progress.

DCP has expressed a desire to keep moving forward to its corporate independence as a standalone department. The PSA is prepared to negotiate regarding a staged approach, starting with leadership roles (reporting to CFO and CIO) in the proposed structure, providing this does not create additional disadvantage or impact on genuine consultation. Please contact the PSA if you have concerns regarding this staged progress.

The PSA requests that members providing feedback directly to DCP also provide their feedback to the PSA and PSA Worksite Representatives. When providing your feedback to the PSA please note whether your feedback has also been provided to DCP.

The PSA will continue discussions with DCP and has requested the initial consultation stage be extended to 31 July 2017.

PSA meetings will also be confirmed shortly and advertised for the coming weeks.