DCP ICT Services Restructure - Update

12 October 2017

The Department for Child Protection (DCP) has now provided position description’s for new or modified roles within DCP ICT Services.

DCP has encouraged staff to provide further feedback on these roles, and the PSA has requested members to also provide us copies of feedback or queries you put forward.

PSA members should already have been provided with copies of position descriptions in your workplace. If necessary please seek them from your PSA Organiser.

The PSA met with DCP on Tuesday 26 September 2017 regarding the consultation process and concerns about information including the lack of position descriptions. The PSA seeks further feedback from members, or copies of your feedback that you have provided to management.

DCP has agreed to provide a summary of all feedback during this process.

Individual members with concerns on the proposed structure can also contact the PSA for further discussions on your rights and protections.