DE Job Cuts Updates | Information for Current and Future Unplaced Employees

06 May 2019

Throughout this budget cut process the PSA has been making every effort to make sure current and future unplaced employees are considered for available roles in DE. It is fundamental that employees at risk of becoming excess are prioritised and that institutional knowledge is not lost from DE through these budget cut restructures.

DE has communicated to the PSA that they are committed to approach unplaced and future unplaced employees prior to advertising in scope roles. If no unplaced employees are able to be skill matched at their same substantive level into roles, available roles may go to advertisement. If you are unplaced or to become an unplaced employee, please contact the PSA if you have not been approached for roles that you know to be available at your substantive level that you believe you could be skill matched towards. Please also let us know if you have not been assigned a case management contact.

The PSA is committed to making sure that unplaced employees are provided with meaningful ongoing work and are appropriately case managed into roles as they become available.

Please note If you are an unplaced employee, take up term contract employment within DE you remain substantively unplaced while you undertake your contract. Temporary contracts do not change an employee’s status of being substantively unplaced. DE management must make all available efforts to match employees into available roles prior to declaring them excess to requirements. If an unplaced employee has been formally declared excess under the enterprise agreement, that excess declaration will be reversed (meaning the employee will go back to being ‘substantively unplaced’ but not ‘excess’) if they are assigned to or win a temporary position for 12 months or longer.

Please find below common questions PSA members have been raising throughout this process. The PSA has raised these questions with the DE and they have provided this response:

Will the Redeployment Transition Centre (RTC) have allocated desks for people who work there or will it be a ‘hot desk’ setup?
Employees assigned to the RTC will have an allocated workstation, including desktop computer and landline phone.

What access will employees in the RTC have to departmental drives?
Access to departmental drives is determined by an employee’s role and the needs of the work that they are undertaking. Accordingly, employees assigned to the RTC will have access determined by the work that they are undertaking.

Will employees allocated to the RTC still have access to 31 Flinders Street?
Building and floor access is associated with an employee’s primary work location. Therefore, access to 31 Flinders St is not automatically maintained for employees whose primary place of work is another location. Employees not based at Flinders Street, including those at the RTC and locations such as the Education Hub and Local Education Offices, can access 31 Flinders street on a 'visitor' basis. If the work being undertaken by an employee assigned to the RTC requires them to regularly attend 31 Flinders St then access can be assessed and provided on a case by case basis.

How will employee Professional Development Plans be maintained while in the RTC?
RTC leadership will be provided by a RTC Manager and a number of RTC Team Leaders.

Employees assigned to the RTC will be line managed by one of these leaders, including for the purpose of developing and maintaining PDPs.

Will employees in the RTC have a line manager that they can use for job applications / referee statements?
RTC leadership will be provided by a RTC Manager and a number of RTC Team Leaders.

Employees assigned to the RTC will be line managed by one of these leaders, and can use their line manager for job application and referee purposes.

Will there be a kitchen facility available in the RTC area?
Yes, there is a kitchen and lunch area available in the RTC.

Must staff must use RTC as their assigned work area/unit on job applications / referee statements?
The employee can use the name of the RTC, or can identify their work area by the name of the directorate, Customer and Information Services.  

Please continue to raise your questions and concerns with PSA.