DE New Proposed Workplace Flexibility Agreement: What is and is not in the New Draft

20 September 2019

Members will have seen the latest draft provided by the Department for Education (DE) of the proposed Wiltja Workplace Flexibility Agreement (WFA). When the Public Service Association (PSA) last met with members about the previous draft document we agreed that we were not ready to vote on the proposed agreement at that stage. We provided some initial feedback based on the meeting we had with you all at Wiltja and member feedback. The feedback raised and considered for the new draft is:

  •  An increase from 48 hours notice to change in shift patterns, to a minimum of seven days notice
  •  New draft clauses in relation to equity of shift allocation
  •  Change from the end of the night shift from 8:00am to 9:15am
  •  More time for consultation

While the new proposal does adopt some of our suggested improvements there are still improvements that could be made, namely:

  1.  New mock rosters to be provided by DE that clearly demonstrate the capacity to accrue the recommended amount of TOIL prior to a member vote. The PSA asked DE for these documents some time ago and still have not received them to date. DE has confirmed that we will be provided with additional consultation time to consider the impact of the rosters. We are unable to fully comprehend the impact of your FWA until we receive these rosters.
  2.  Removal of clauses 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4. We believe these clauses as they stand have the potential to impact your broader industrial rights.
  3.  A crib break (eating and drinking while still on shift) provision, in recognition that on some shifts staff do not have an opportunity to take a meal break when they are working.
  4.  The ability to swap shifts, by mutual agreement between the staff concerned and the employer.
  5.  Recognition of fatigue management.
  6.  A recognition that PSA members are generally unsupportive of a 4:2 roster pattern. Prior to a vote the employer must demonstrate how this pattern will improve conditions (such as significantly improving the accrual of TOIL).
  7.  The PSA intends to put forward improved wording around your entitlements in relation to camps and excursions, bus escorts and school trips.
  8.  A clause recognising the importance of adequate notice around new rosters so members can plan their lives.
  9.  More discussion needs to occur around the impacts of this agreement on your right to overtime.

Once the draft rosters from DE have been received we the PSA will analyse them and provide more information for members to consider prior to a vote. We will also arrange another time to visit Wiltja before the end of consultation.

In the meantime, please let us know if you have concerns with any of the above points or if you have further issues to comment on. Please raise these issues through your PSA Worksite Representatives for consideration or email them through to PSA.