DECD Fall Short of Committments

13 January 2016

Since the suspension of Industrial action at the end of 2015 the Department of Education and Child Development (DECD) has failed to honour commitments provided in the South Australian Industrial Relations Commission (SAIRC). Not meeting the first commitment of providing workforce data leaves serious concerns for the PSA.

As a consequence the PSA wrote to DECD [see letter here] on 24 December 2015 requesting accurate time frames for the completion of the commitments regarding workforce management data. Currently no response has been received.

While DECD has reported over 50 temporary employees would be included in a conversion to ongoing process, the PSA will continue requesting for a better process that maximises those converted to ongoing employment status.

As yet no information on a workload measurement tool has been received and the PSA remain concerned that yet another commitment will fail to be honoured by DECD. PSA members should provide any supporting information or feedback on workforce measure tools, and any historic information to PSA Worksite Reps or Industrial Officer.

The PSA is therefore calling a members meeting as a result of DECD falling short of its commitments and the ongoing concerns regarding workforce management. It's time for members to again think about what activities and actions are needed to ensure DECD deliver on their commitments.

PSA members with feedback, questions or concerns should contact your Worksite Representatives, or the PSA.