DECD SSO End of Term 1 Salary Payments

27 March 2017

The PSA has been advised by members that they are unclear on their responsibilities of ensuring correct salary payment at the end of Term 1.

Term 1 finishes on Thursday 13 April 2017 coinciding with the Easter break.

SSOs on contract who normally work on Fridays will be paid for the Good Friday Public Holiday even though the term dates indicate otherwise.

Under the School Services Officers (Government Schools) Award Pt 6 – Hours of Work, Breaks and Overtime Clause 6.3 Overtime/Time Bank “the time bank accrual period will be from day 1 term 4 to the last day of term 3 the following year. A Zero balance of time credits will exist at the end of term 3”.

Under “employees will be permitted to use those accrued hours to compensate for any restriction of working time caused by a public holiday …. provided that the total number of hours used from the time bank does not exceed the normal total hours which would have been worked had the public holiday or holidays not occurred.”

It should be noted that full-time employees are entitled to payment for public holidays but part-time or temporary employees are required to use their accrued time bank to compensate for any restriction caused by a public holiday.

Recently Shared Services SA forwarded to all Site Managers “Pay Arrangements – April 2017” outlining the procedure to be used for the end of Term 1. Included in this document is a VL780 “Claim to Access Time Banked Hours for Payment of a Public Holiday that Falls on the First or Last Day of a School Termform to be forwarded to Shared Services if you have hours that can be claimed.

Ensure you complete and return the form so you are not disadvantaged.

Further information can be provided by the PSA.