DECD SSO Reclassifications

23 March 2017

The PSA has been advised by members that they are still waiting for reclassification decisions.

From 1 July 2016 SSOs are now covered under the Public Sector Act 2009 Part 7. Reclassifications are to be conducted in accordance with the following documents issued by the Commissioner for Public Sector Employment (CPSE):

Determination 5 Classification and Remuneration for Employees Attachment 3 Classification Standards: Classification Rules and Requirements

Attachment 4: Classification Standards: How to Classify Duties

The Determination and associated attachments provide the regulations for reviewing classifications and the time frames under which the reviews must be completed.

The PSA asks SSOs who have submitted a DECD VL187 Application for Reclassification and DECD VL187a Reclassification Submission and have not been provided with acknowledgement of receipt within 30 days of application or have not received a determination after 90 days of lodgement, to please forward your name, membership number, site you are working at and the date your reclassification application was lodged.

Your information will assist in formulating our discussions with DECD representatives.