Department for Health and Wellness Consultation | Proposed Financial Accounting Directorate Restructure

04 June 2018

Further to the PSA’s Information update dated 7 May 2018 regarding the proposed restructure of the Financial Accounting Directorate. The PSA attended a staff meeting on Thursday 31 May 2018 where management gave a presentation on the feedback outcomes and the next steps process. A copy is available here.

Part of the Feedback the PSA put forward was, that this restructure should be placed on hold until the new Boards for the 10 Local Health Networks are in place. Unfortunately, the decision has been made that this restructure will still continue and will commence in a staged process from 18 June 2018.

We were also advised in the presentation that the six Country LHN’s will not take over the functions of providing health services until 1 July 2019 when CHSALHN is dissolved.

The review of (de)/centralised functions is a complex project which will take a minimum of twelve months to assess. The PSA therefore believes there will be further restructures occurring within Finance over the next twelve months.