Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure Update

05 November 2019

The Public Service Association continues to oppose all proposed job cuts and privatisations in the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure as well as ensuring members are genuinely consulted about the impact on proposed changes, not just on jobs and working conditions, but also on the services you provide.

Train and Tram Privatisation
The campaign continues to put pressure on the Government. The PSA and other affected unions are continuing to collect signed postcards from members of the public rejecting the broken promises of the Premier to privatise public transport.

Members continue to be angry about the lack of answers provided to the questions they have raised about the proposed tram and train privatisation. All unions have called for an urgent consultation forum with the Executive Director, Anne Alford to get these questions answered.

This has been agreed to by DPTI and the meeting will occur early this week. Members will be informed of the outcome.

Road Maintenance Privatisation
At the most recent meeting with DPTI, the PSA sought to address questions about the conditions and process of a ‘transfer of business’ raised by the unions on behalf of members.

Members have so far commented that the information provided by the Department has not given them enough information to ease their concerns.

DPTI Restructure
Thank you to the members who have sent through feedback over the last week or attended one of the paid time meetings about the proposed restructure of key divisions of DPTI. The PSA has now received hundreds of pieces of feedback and many questions which are being presented to the Department.

Following the recommendations from the SA Employment Tribunal, PSA officials, Worksite Representatives and the Department met on Thursday 31 October 2019 to discuss the feedback in terms of the process so far, as well as the response to some of the changes or cuts proposed. Many questions have still not been discussed and the PSA has forwarded additional questions to DPTI this morning. The PSA will be back in the Employment Tribunal on Tuesday 5 November 2019 to discuss the next steps in this dispute.

The PSA continues to reject the proposed job cuts and many of the changes as they seriously undermine the ability of the DPTI staff to carry out the important role of planning for the future and ensuring the public interest in forefront of decision making.

At a recent meeting of staff, the Chief Executive acknowledged there had been too many changes, too quickly.

Procurement and Contract, Transport Project Delivery and the Road and Marine Service Restructures
The PSA has insisted that these restructures are subject to the same processes the PSA has sought for other restructures currently going on in the Department including genuine consultation, paid time meetings and workload assessments for impacted staff.

AGFMA Review
Executive Director has announced a review into the Across Government Facilities Management Arrangements in the Across Government Services Division.

The PSA and CEPU have requested a meeting with the Department to discuss the communications used with both staff and the union, as well as to seek an assurance that this review will not lead to any part of the area being subject to privatisation or outsourcing.

The PSA will inform members of the outcomes from this meeting.