Disability Update for PSA Members

19 November 2019

Members working in Disability continue to be faced with change as clients and services move into the NDIS world. This is an update for PSA members.

Disability Accommodation Structure Implementation
Implementation of the new structure is underway. Accommodation staff, the BCU and Administration staff are all being looked at separately, however no-one should be denied the opportunity to be placed in roles in the new structure at their substantive classification because of the timing of their part of the organisation.

The PSA has contacted the Department to ensure BCU staff and other staff who do not appear in the proposed new structure are given full access to equivalent positions in the overall structure. The department's aim should be to ensure no staff are excess from the process or least minimise this possibility.

If you do not have a position and are concerned you have not been given an opportunity to be placed or apply for another position in the new structure, please email PSA and we will follow up this up with management.

BCU Restructure
A consultative committee has been formed to oversee this restructure which includes PSA representatives. The committee will be meeting each fortnight and also continue during the implementation phase. A report will be provided to members after each meeting. If you have any issues to raise at the committee please forward them by email.

Disability Accommodation Admin Staff
PSA representatives on the consultative committee have raised the process for administration staff and have been told that the structure of the administration team would be discussed once the full structure is in place to ensure that admin support is adequate for the operation of the new structure. We were also given a commitment that there would be a special meeting and communication for administration staff to keep them up to date. This has not occurred.

The PSA has emailed the Department to ask them to call a meeting and send information urgently. All administration staff need to be consulted prior to any proposed changes to administration staff structure or roles. Under the Enterprise Agreement, the PSA also needs to notified of any proposals so we can consult with our members.

PSA will seek to be at the meeting of admin staff once it is called.

Disability Equipment Service
Members are now waiting for a cabinet decision to determine what the plan will be about the future of DES. This should be decided by the end of November 2019.

Country Offices
PSA members in the country have reported that they have had very little information and little access to the placement process up to now. The Department has set a date for the end of government services being provided in country regions as June 2020 or earlier, depending on the clients. This means the current process for placing ongoing staff in alternate employment should now include country staff.

The PSA’s position is that all staff in the country should be contacted and assisted to find alternate placements. There are also a large number of contract staff who have been working in country offices for many years and may be entitled to ongoing employment or alternate contract placements elsewhere in the Department or the Public Sector. Please contact the PSA is you believe this could apply to you.