Enterprise Bargaining – Negotiations Focus on PSA Proposals

20 July 2017

EB negotiations have been continuing, with an increased and intensive focus on the PSA’s proposals.

The PSA reported to members in our last EB Information Update that we had advised government we required an immediate increased and intensive focus on the salaried enterprise agreement negotiations.

Since then we have been engaging with government in without-prejudice discussions on most matters contained in the PSA’s draft enterprise agreement proposals.

The PSA continues to emphasise to government our commitment to pursuing those matters members have identified as being important to them.

Proposals for Correctional Officers have also now been considered by members and will be tabled with government shortly.

The PSA will report on progress as negotiations continue.

In the meantime, all membership feedback is being fully considered and is a valuable contribution to the enterprise agreement negotiation process.

Once again, the PSA encourages all members to become familiar with the PSA’s enterprise agreement proposals and demonstrate your support for the proposals.
The next enterprise bargaining general meeting has been scheduled for 25 July 2017.