Enterprise Bargaining Update - Where Things Stand

26 July 2017

The PSA summarised the current state of enterprise agreement negotiations in yesterday’s Salaried Enterprise Bargaining General Meeting by tabling the following statement.

During the last few weeks the PSA has been involved in without-prejudice discussions with government about our proposals, exploring possible options for progressing matters.

This has included the PSA in good faith redrafting a number of our proposals based on government’s responses.

No issues have been resolved through this process – despite apparent movement in the parties’ respective positions and the PSA redrafting clauses to accommodate government’s responses in the context of that apparent movement.

Government has now indicated resistance to most of the PSA proposals.

The PSA intends to continue to pursue outcomes for our proposals which include efficiencies, savings and productivity improvements as well as protections for members, and which are consistent with current government policies and aspirations.

The PSA has committed to be transparent with members about the progress of negotiations – and we confirm that we will continue to keep members informed.

We also confirm that we have tabled with government the PSA proposals specific to our Correctional Officer members.”

The next Salaried Enterprise Bargaining General Meeting has been scheduled for 31 August 2017.

The PSA will continue to keep members fully informed about the progress of your Enterprise Agreement negotiations.