Feedback Extended | Call Centre Staff Caring for Children and Draft After Hours Transporting of Children Guidelines

04 November 2019

Public Service Association (PSA) members working in the Call Centre continue to care for children after hours despite the Department for Child Protection (DCP) stating in the South Australian Employment Tribunal (SAET) they were looking for other options to prevent this occurring.

The PSA sought and was granted an extension of time to respond to the draft DCP After Hours Call Centre Transporting of Children Policy until 6 November 2019. We encourage you all to look this policy over and continue to provide feedback through the PSA.

There has been an enormous amount of hours spent caring for children over recent months and there appears to be no real effort by DCP to find a solution to this issue. While members working in the call centre after hours teams have been advised this work is voluntary, DCP continue to rely on the goodwill of their staff to “volunteer”, knowing full well that our members will not see a child in need go without care.

This has now developed into a rolling roster system of after hours call centre staff caring for children.

As members, you need to consider the consequences of continuing to volunteer as carers for children after hours.

  •  It is not your role to provide care for children
  •  There is an adverse affect on staffing across the shift teams resulting from taking staff away to care for children.
  •  The flow on effect of not being able to respond to urgent calls, assess notifications with expertise and best practise if fatigued could result in a catastrophic event.

The PSA recommend members working in the Call Centre consider their own wellbeing and the ability to effectively perform your core duties when volunteering to care for children.