Flinders Medical Centre Car Park Update No: 6

19 January 2016

As part of the car parking consultation forum Flinders Medical Centre (FMC) has provided an update to the PSA on the car parking arrangements for FMC.

Parking at
the Tonsley site will be available to staff from Monday 25 January 2016. Flinders University car park permits will no longer be valid after Friday 19 February 2016.

There will be over 600 car parks available at Tonsley to offset the reduction in car parks at FMC due to the redevelopments. FMC has advised that car parks at Tonsley will be signposted as reserved for staff.

FMC has advised that staff who give up their on-site parking permit during the development period will be provided a 50% discount on their car parking fees to encourage staff to take advantage of the Tonsley site. Upon completion of the new developments staff will be able to reinstate their permits.

FMC has advised that bus shuttles will be available to transport staff to and from FMC. A copy of the bus timetable can be found here. Furthermore, there will be a vehicle available during emergencies and after-hours to transport staff to Tonsley.

FMC has advised that staff have been, and will continue to be, informed via regular communiques, FAQs and
the SALHN intranet.

It is vital for staff to access this information and keep informed.
PSA members are encouraged to continue to forward their questions to the PSA.