GPO Tower – Proposed Health and Safety Work Group Structure

24 December 2019

The Attorney General’s Department has invited Public Service Association (PSA) members to consult about the structure of work groups in the 10 Franklin Street building.

A copy of the proposals can be found here. Correspondence with health and safety management has suggested consultation around the proposals is open until 31 January 2020 but can be extended.

The Work Health and Safety Act 2012 makes worker involvement in health and safety issues central to preventing injury and illness resulting from performing your work. Integral to that is worker representation in the form of Health and Safety Representatives (HSRs) nominated and/or elected by the group of workers they represent.

AGD is proposing new work groups – groups of workers with a commonality – from which your HSRs will be drawn from. The considerations in grouping workers into work groups include the kind of work the group does, the kinds of hazards you might be exposed to (for example vicarious trauma, heavy workloads, long hours, bullying, manual handling etc), the shifts performed, location/proximity and so on. A good way to look at it is workers should readily have access to an HSR who understands most of your work and its hazards – form a work group around that premise.

The AGD proposal is based on where you work in the building and for which unit of AGD you all work which is a good start.

Work health and safety is a core focus of the PSA. All members are encouraged to think about what works for you and your group. If you think the proposal works for you then talk about it with your work mates. If you think there should be changes to make the representation more appropriate to your group’s needs, talk it through with your work mates and your PSA Worksite Representative or your PSA Organiser.