How You Can Work to Protect SA Pathology and Members’ Interests

26 May 2017

Part of the way the PSA is continuing to work hard protecting the SA Pathology workforce has been by advocating for and genuinely consulting to influence the outcomes of the SA Pathology Proposed Operational Configuration and Workforce Model.

As a result of this constant pressure SA Pathology has agreed to the PSA’s request to form a PSA and SA Pathology Workforce Consultation Group to facilitate effective contributions to the decision making process.

SA Pathology will support paid time and backfill for participating staff - now is the time to put your hand up to participate.

The PSA is seeking representatives across all directorates and locations. Members will not have to travel to attend the meetings as SA Pathology has also agreed to provide teleconferencing to make participation easier.

Consultation is about the sharing of information and the genuine exchange of views between all persons or bodies that must be consulted and the genuine opportunity for them to contribute effectively to any decision making process.

Through this process the PSA and our members will continue to work to protect SA Pathology jobs.

Members who wish to participate should contact PSA before Thursday 1 June 2017 by phone, 8205 3293, or by email.