In Reference to Todays Advertiser Article "Stressed to the Max"

20 January 2016

In relation to today's article in The Advertiser, feedback from members clearly demonstrates that the increased Work Health and Safety risk to staff in Housing SA is due to the increase in high risk tenants, as well as the lack of appropriate resourcing within Housing SA.

The PSA has advocated to Housing SA management through a number of mediums, including the Housing SA Industrial Relations Forum on excessive workloads and safety risks due to the reconfiguration of roles and available staff per office.

It is now time that the policy working in isolation is reviewed with improved support mechanisms for staff when in the field.

The Housing SA risk notes don't always identify a risk issue prior to Housing SA Officers doing home visits and with proposed impending changes in relation to Home Detention, such a risk may be increased.

Consultation on support processes as well as the inadequate policy for home visits must be addressed.

There is no Work Health and Safety structure with elected representatives at each site for workers to raise concerns with, leaving staff the only perceived option to raise issues through line management. Work Health and Safety is everyone's responsibility.

The PSA is committed to securing best practice for workplace safety. Members are entitled to a safe working environment. Anything less is unacceptable.

Now is the time to get active. Consider becoming a Work Health and Safety Rep for your site. Contact the PSA to find out about this role and the training.