Industrial Action Deferred – For Now

26 October 2017

Industrial actions about to begin across our PSA membership are being deferred for one week. This is because the government has started to consider your PSA EA proposals seriously.

During the past two weeks PSA Organisers, Worksite Representatives, EB Ambassadors and members have been arranging a number of industrial actions and supportive activities which were due to begin this week.

PSA members’ demonstrated willingness to take industrial action and supportive activities has now resulted in the government focusing more intensely on the EB negotiations.

In the last week the PSA has been meeting with senior government representatives about progressing your PSA EA proposals. There now appears to be some movement at last on some of the PSA’s proposals for a new salaried enterprise agreement.

The progress made so far justifies holding off on implementing our industrial and supportive activities for now.

We expect more intensive negotiations to continue through next week. The PSA will consider whether to continue to defer implementing industrial actions and supportive activities depending on the outcomes and progress achieved in next week’s negotiations.

Planning for industrial action and supportive actions scheduled for later next week and after that – and for our PSA rally at Parliament House - should remain in place until further notice.

The PSA has written to the delegate of the declared employer advising that members’ industrial actions are being deferred (here).

Members’ unwavering commitment to achieving a fair and equitable agreement which protects their conditions is contributing significantly to moving these negotiations forward.