Land Services Dispute Update

05 October 2017

The PSA appeared again in the South Australian Employment Tribunal (SAET) today 5 October 2017 to present arguments in the Land Services dispute. The PSA raised a number of issues, mainly the rejection of the Leave Without Pay applications and the processes for seconded staff and those who received no offer or secondment letter.

A separate Information Update will be sent out to members on the next steps for those whose Leave Without Pay applications were rejected. The letters of rejection imply that applications were based on the secret deal (privatisation contract) between the State and Land Services SA, not the individual merits of applications.

The offers of employment are still not one the PSA can recommend that you sign as there are many problems with it and the company refuses to meet and discuss these. If you sign you will also have to resign from the public service, losing your job security.

If you do not sign there is a possibility that you may be offered a secondment. This was confirmed in the latest Government letter. The worst outcome is that you will continue to be employed in the public service and eventually may be declared excess to requirements under Determination 7. The latest letter the PSA received from the Government confirmed that “No employee will be formally declared excess to requirements until all possible opportunities for employment have been addressed”.

Join the PSA
The next few weeks will be quite significant for Land Services staff. We can only represent PSA members in this process. The more people who are members of the PSA, the better we can represent your interests to the Government and also the new employer.

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