Members Standing Strong in Families SA

29 January 2016

Yesterday the PSA appeared before the South Australian Industrial Relations Commission (SAIRC) as a result of the Department for Educations and Child Development's (DECD) attempt to have the current industrial action endorsed by members ceased.

The Department was not successful in obtaining a recommendation to end the industrial action. Therefore industrial action continues, as per the motion (below) unanimously endorsed by members on 27 January 2016.

That PSA members endorse the continuation of the current industrial actions. We acknowledge the receipt of information from the Department (DECD) but serious concerns remain regarding the accuracy of information provided, amount of vacancies detailed and lack of urgency in addressing serious ongoing staff shortages.

PSA members are requesting that DECD engage in the following;
  • Provide a break down of all vacancies on a site by site basis
  • Address inaccuracies of the vacancy information to be identified by the PSA
  • Immediate and tangible commitments on addressing the staff shortage
  • DECD to urgently meet with a delegation of PSA members regarding the three points detailed above


Notwithstanding, the SAIRC has indicated the importance of parties meeting to address outstanding matters, including workloads and vacancies. It was further noted that it is imperative that PSA Worksite Representatives attend a meeting with DECD management to ensure maximum transparency and communication. The PSA is seeking representatives or delegates from each site to make themselves available for Monday morning 1 February to detail workload pressures at their workplace. A report back to the SAIRC will occur next Monday afternoon.

Worksite Representatives will be contacted shortly to coordinate attendance.

In relation to ongoing industrial action, please note the following details:

Ongoing Industrial Actions
PSA member industrial action will ensure that no children will be put at risk and include:

  • Work To Rule (no additional time unless required to protect children)
  • No response to Ministerials
  • No implementation of Solution Based Case Work (including training – members to use discretion where appropriate)
  • Worksite Lock Downs – to continue 11am – 12noon each day


Queries on Lock-Down
PSA members are authorised to put up PSA authorised industrial action sign [see link] (put an office number on it to assist public with queries) and lock or close doors as part of industrial action authorised by the PSA. Where locking doors is not possible or obstructed, PSA members will manage their own time between 11am – 12 noon period each day (not a withdrawal of labor but management of own time and workload). This can include one or a combination of the following; not attend to the foyer, managing phone calls, training or internal meetings.

If directed to do any action/tasks/duties related to the industrial action, PSA members are to respond.

I am participating in authorised industrial action and unable to follow this direction. Please contact your DECD executive for further guidance.”

As PSA members are protected in taking actions, any adverse event, threat, comment or action against any PSA member MUST BE REPORTED to the PSA office immediately. The PSA will investigate and where required raise these matters with the SAIRC which may result in penalties to individuals or the employer for such events.

This action has been and remains aimed at getting DECD to urgently address staffing and workloads and the ongoing support of all members will ensure DECD does not shirk from their obligations.

Please find copies of DECD response [HERE]. Please provide your own feedback and details on the accuracy of information to your PSA Worksite Representatives and the PSA.