More Health Job Cuts - March 2013

22 March 2013

Minister for Health and Ageing the Hon. Jack Snelling has today announced the Government’s response to the recommendations of the McCann Review of Non-Hospital Based Services report.

The result is a reduction of 105 full time equivalent positions by 2014-15 for savings of $14.7m a year. 

These cuts come on top of hundreds of job losses already recommended from Reviews into the Central Adelaide Local Health Network and Southern Adelaide Local Health Network, and recommendations for savings from the Northern Adelaide Local Health Network and any yet to be reported recommendations from a Review into the Women’s and Children’s Local Health Network.

The majority of recommendations from the McCann Review will be implemented, including;

  • Developing a single integrated metropolitan Youth Primary Health Service targeting vulnerable youths
  • Developing a single integrated metropolitan Women's Primary Health Service targeting high-need vulnerable groups
  • Consolidation of the Aboriginal Workforce Initiative
  • The transition of some health promotion programs, such as Community Foodies, to other service providers, including Non Government Organisations (NGOs).

The PSA is concerned that the savings will impact on services for groups affected such as women, youth, and the indigenous community through reduced eligibility criteria. Preventative programs such as a healthy eating program in child care centres will be axed, which may result in long term health implications for the community.

The PSA is conducting a campaign about the increasing gap between community need for services and the capacity to provide these services with job and service cuts. For further information see the PSA Mind the Gap website

The PSA seeks any information from members and the community regarding the impact of cuts.

The PSA will be undertaking further analysis of the recommendations and consulting with members about the implications. SA Health’s full response to the review can be found at

For further enquiries please contact Sue Cummins, Senior Industrial Officer at email