News Archives February 2020

Public Trustee | Personal Estates Restructure

Public Service Association (PSA) has received notification from the Public Trustee proposing a new structure for Personal Estates. more>

ICAC Evaluation of DCS Practices, Policies and Procedures

The PSA welcomes the announcement that ICAC will conduct an evaluation of practices, policies and procedures of the Department for Correctional Services. In the coming months the Deputy ICAC Commissioner will invite submissions which are relevant to the scope of the evaluation. The PSA will work with your PSA Worksite Representatives across all areas of DCS to develop a submission on behalf of members for the ICAC Evaluation. more>

Renewal SA Translation Process Update

The PSA is in the process of finalising concerns raised by members regarding the recently concluded URA translation process. Members who are unhappy with where they have been placed in the Administration or Professional Officer streams are encouraged to contact the PSA with the details of where they have been placed. more>

DCP Call Centre Dispute Returns to SAET

The PSA took the dispute about DCP Call Centre staff caring for and transporting young people out of hours back to the South Australian Employment Tribunal on Thursday 6 February 2020. more>

TAFE SA | “Education Transformation” | Proposed Restructure of Educational Business Units | Member Feedback Sought

The Public Service Association (PSA) attended a “First Stage Consultation Session” with staff on Wednesday 5 February 2020, where TAFE SA presented their proposed restructure of Educational Business Units. more>

NALHN | Proposed Revision of the Child Development Structure | Member Feedback Sought

NALHN has invited the Public Service Association (PSA) to provide feedback about the proposed revision of the NALHN Child Development Structure. more>

Weekly Paid Enterprise Bargaining

Negotiation for a successor to the South Australian Public Sector Wages Parity Enterprise Agreement: Weekly Paid 2017 will commence on Tuesday 18 February 2020. more>

TAFE SA | “Education Transformation” | Dispute Notified to CE | Proposed Restructure of Educational Business Units

The Public Service Association (PSA) has notified of a consultation dispute to the TAFE SA Chief Executive (CE) more>

Public Transport Privatisation: Tender Announcement Coming But Too Many Unanswered Questions Remain

Public Service Association (PSA) Worksite Representatives and other impacted unions met with the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) leadership on Monday 10 February 2020 to discuss the ongoing concerns with the privatisation of trains and trams. more>

Corrections Issued With Improvement Notice by Safework SA

Yesterday (11 February 2020) SafeWorkSA served an Improvement Notice on the Department for Correctional Services identifying contraventions of the Work Health and Safety Act and Regulations at Yatala Labour Prison. This followed the issuing of a PIN in relation to consultation, hazard identification and risk assessment by a Health and Safety Representative. more>

Chaos in TAFE SA | Cuts to Staffing, Numerous Restructures, Workload Issues, Impacts on Staff Well-being and Risks to Quality Student Service

The Public Service Association (PSA) has today written to the TAFE SA Chief Executive (CE), seeking an urgent meeting to discuss the sudden and drastic actions being taken by TAFE SA in the last week. more>

Public Trustee | Complexity Model Reviews

Public Service Association (PSA) Worksite Representatives (WSRs) for Personal Estates and Deceased Estates sought to establish complexity models in 2019 that would ensure allocation of files to workers would be fair. more>

TAFE SA Education Transformation Restrucure Proposal | Further Information Received and Consultation Extended

Following the notification of a consultation dispute, late yesterday (Thursday 13 February 2020) the PSA received information from TAFE SA regarding workload assessments and an extension of time for consultation for the proposed “education transformation” restructure. more>

SALHN Voluntary Separation Packages Will Attack the Health of Patients and Increase Workload

The Public Service Association (PSA) was advised on 20 February 2020 that the Southern Adelaide Local Health Network (SALHN) has issued an open call for Expressions of Interest for Voluntary Separation Packages (VSPs). more>

Subject Matter Expert (SME) Restructure Consultation

SA Pathology has released a consultation paper outlining a proposed restructure to accommodate changes to the delivery of the SME service. more>

SSO | Congratulations on Securing Your Employment Conditions by Voting in Your New Enterprise Agreement | Now Let’s Enforce Them!

The PSA has received confirmation that the proposed South Australian School and Preschool Education Staff Enterprise Agreement 2020 was voted in successfully, with 78% of staff who voted saying “Yes – we agree to these employment conditions and pay”. more>

CALHN Safety and Quality Structural Reconfiguration Proposal

A proposal has been put forward by CALHN for a Safety and Quality Structural Reconfiguration. Under the proposal, the Quality Coordinator roles will be embedded within the Clinical Programs and work with the Manager Accreditation within the Safety and Quality teams. more>

PSA Writes to the Chief Executive About Crib Breaks

The Public Service Association (PSA) has written to Chief Executive Tony Harrison to advise of the motion passed at the two meetings of members held at AYTC Monday and Wednesday last week. more>

TAFE SA Adelaide Members Resolve to Continue the Fight Against Job and Service Cuts

Public Service Association (PSA) members held a Stop Work Meeting on Thursday 27 February 2020 at TAFE SA Adelaide. TAFE SA PSA members did not take this action lightly, but did so to fight for a well resourced and high quality TAFE SA for the South Australian community. more>

TAFE SA | Dispute Lodged in the South Australian Employment Tribunal About Serious Consultation Concerns | Multiple Restructures

The Public Service Association (PSA) has lodged an urgent dispute in the South Australian Employment Tribunal (SAET) about TAFE SA’s failure to consult appropriately in relation to the proposed restructures. This follows correspondence received on 27 February 2020 from the TAFE SA Executive Director of People and Culture. more>


The government provided some further details and attempted to explain their agenda for a new salaried enterprise agreement at the Enterprise Bargaining General Meeting held yesterday. more>