Not Another Restructure at Department for Innovation and Skills

05 September 2019

The Public Service Association (PSA) attended information sessions held by the Department for Innovation and Skills (DIS) on Monday about to a restructure in the Skills and Workforce Capability Group (SWC). At this session the department released the proposed new structure. Consultation will be open for 15 business days, concluding on 20 September 2019.

DIS propose to reduce the FTE count at SWC from 136 to 101, a net reduction of 35 FTE.

The PSA has concerns for staff and the impact of a reduction of more FTEs in an already reduced workforce. Who is going to shoulder the workload?

Under Clause 15 of the South Australian Modern Public Sector Enterprise Agreement: Salaried 2017, departments are obliged to consider the impact on individuals workloads during a restructure.



15.1 The parties acknowledge that the workload for individual employees or a group of
employees in a workplace (work group) must not be excessive, unreasonable or

15.2 Any proposed review or proposed workplace change must include as part of consultation,
an assessment of the potential impact on workloads for individual employees or a work
group in a workplace and measures proposed to manage such impacts. The intent of
managing impacts must be to minimise the risk of unreasonable workloads.

15.3 The parties recognise that effective management of workloads must be undertaken in an
ongoing manner, irrespective of any proposed review or proposed workplace change.

15.4 If an individual or group of individuals believe that there is an unreasonable allocation of
work leading to employees being overloaded with work or an employee is unable to access
accrued recreation leave as a result of workload (as distinct from operational
requirements), the individual, group of individuals, or association concerned may first raise
the work allocation with local management.

Staff must be feeling weary from the numerous restructures and MOG changes the department has undergone over the last five years. The PSA has heard from many members that workload is an issue with the shrinking numbers of staff and this can only deteriorate adding more pressure.

What can we do about it?
The PSA will hold a Union meeting to meet with staff to discuss any issues and hear your feedback. This is an opportunity for staff to channel concerns and feedback about the proposed structure and any other issues relating to the proposed changes including workloads.

Staff will be notified of this meeting once we have a confirmed time with DIS.

The PSA will also have representation on the SWC Workforce Consultative Committee and encourage anybody who wishes to nominate themselves for a place on this Committee to contact HR to register their interest. This Committee will be the main avenue that the PSA will feedback to DIS, including addressing any workload issues.