Outpatient Imaging Dispute Win – No Privatisation

17 October 2017

The PSA and other unions were called back to the South Australian Employment Tribunal this afternoon and advised by SA Health Deputy Chief Executive Don Frater that the Minister for Health would announce that the OPD Imaging Services at the new RAH will remain staffed by public sector employees. This is a big win for PSA members and public sector workers.

All staff the OPD Imaging Services at the new RAH will be SA Health employees with all existing conditions of employment.

At this stage financial arrangements between the radiologists (as the successful bidder), SA Health and the Special Purpose Fund are continuing. Once this phase has been finalised consultation will commence with the PSA and other unions regarding implementation. A consultative meeting which had been scheduled for next Tuesday 24 October 2017, will now be rescheduled.

To lay the groundwork for this victory PSA Members handed out material to the public, wrote letters to local MPs and continued to raise concerns with management. They also provided feedback to the PSA in relation to the KPMG Report so that we could argue strongly in the tribunal.

The PSA would like to congratulate all members and worksite representatives in SA Medical Imaging for their diligence and persistence in gaining a great outcome for each other and SA communities.

The PSA will continue to keep members informed. If you have colleagues that are not yet members, ask them to join the PSA online here.