Outpatients Imaging Dispute Needs to be Finalised

17 October 2017

The Outpatients Imaging dispute returned to the South Australian Employment Tribunal on Thursday 12 October 2017.

SA Health confirmed at the hearing, as at the last number of hearings, that they are continuing discussions with tender applicants and that there was no intent to decide on the option for Outpatients Medical Imaging.

The PSA joined with other unions in challenging SA Health regarding the process dragging out and needing to be finalised. The delay is creating uncertainty, frustration and tiredness as the goodwill of staff to provide a high quality service with inadequate resources.

Over 100 MRI cases were forwarded to external providers last week in the name of best service for the patient due to the ballooning wait list in Outpatients Imaging. This is shameful as the new RAH facilities were designed to allow for the Outpatients Imaging to be done on site so that patients could have their needs attended to urgently. The delay in making a decision is being used as the excuse to limit the SAMI resources until the decision is made.

SA Health undertook to make a decision within the next two weeks. If this does not occur Deputy Chief Executive Don Frater will attend the next hearing.

SA Health will continue to consult weekly and transparently with unions and staff on this matter and will call an urgent SAET hearing if they announce their intent to make a decision.

SA Health continued their assurance that the announcement of intent to decide will be made in a commission hearing.