PIRSA – Quarantine Stations Update

28 June 2018

The Public Service Association has visited PIRSA members at YAMBA and Ceduna Quarantine Stations during recent regional visits.

A number of issues were highlighted by members during those visits which the PSA has since taken to PIRSA management for further discussion and resolution.

1. The payment of overtime should be paid in the same pay period as worked.
After an internal investigation by management in conjunction with Shared Services, it was established that although PIRSA had met the deadlines set by Shared Services, there were continuous instances where payments for overtime were not paid on time. PIRSA People and Culture have agreed to take up the case of any PIRSA employee who has not been paid for all hours worked within the pay period.

2. Lunch breaks for Part Time / Casual employees.
The YAMBA site continues to experience issues with breaks for part time / casual employees, particularly during the day shift part of the roster. Management proposes to increase the FTE by 2.4 to allow for proper breaks to occur and for the day shift supervisor to better coordinate inspections of vehicles.

It is recognised that quarantine inspectors work in conditions that are quite unique and therefore need to have breaks for their well being.

3. Individual email addresses.
At this point there will be no changes to the email system that is currently in place, owing to poor coverage by the telco's and the expense on the agency. All pay slip information will be sent direct to the employee home email address for security. All other notifications will be downloaded and given to staff to read and sign to say they have read the update. It is hoped that this matter will be looked at again in the future.