Proposal for Executive Director, Strategy and Court Operations

04 December 2019

CAA has proposed not to replace the outgoing Executive Director (ED), Strategy and Court Operations. PSA office became aware of this through you as members forwarding the emailed communication that a decision had been made.

PSA immediately wrote to CAA reminding leadership of its obligation to consult. This has been acknowledged. You may remember a member information update earlier in the year informing you that CAA would not advise PSA of what changes had arisen out of the budget cuts and job losses that were imposed last year. That update brief can be viewed here. Following that communication, PSA and CAA met and CAA accepted that it was obligated to consult when change was proposed. While more consultation has occurred, it is still necessary for members to inform PSA office when a change is proposed as there are still examples where CAA has not followed through on its commitment.

The South Australian Modern Public Service Enterprise Agreement: Salaried 2017 (SAMPSEAS)
PSA members have fought for and won the right to be consulted about change and it is enshrined in clause 34 of the SAMPSEAS as well as in a workload specific consultation right in clause 15.2. Those clauses are quoted in the update linked above. The consultation clauses mean you have a genuine opportunity to influence outcomes, something PSA members have repeatedly found can mitigate problems proposals create, or address issues that are likely to exist whether proposals are implemented or not. Consultation is your chance to have a say.

CAA has committed to consult about the proposal to remove the role of ED, Strategy and Court Operations. PSA members have the opportunity now to influence that decision.

Contact the PSA office if:

  •  You have any comments or ideas for alternatives
  •  You agree with the proposal but may wish it to be implemented in a different way
  •  You agree with the proposal but believe there are possible issues that may arise that leadership need to consider and mitigate
  •  You have identified related issues that should be considered and dealt with through this change
  •  You think the ED position needs to continue and wish to communicate your thoughts and reasoning
  •  You would like to meet with a PSA Organiser to discuss any of the above

Please forward any comments or questions by email to your Worksite Representative or to PSA.