PSA Meets With CFS Management (2)

20 October 2017

Members are advised that the Public Service Association (PSA) met with Country Fire Service (CFS) yesterday as part of the regular meeting cycle.

Four issues were on the agenda for discussion.

1. Leave Entitlements
This matter is now with the Office for the Public Sector (OPS) with a decision pending, however the PSA reserve the right to return the matter to the South Australian Employment Tribunal (SAET) if a fair outcome is not forth coming.

2. Work Practice
Shift work arrangements at State Command Centre (SCC) and Regional Command Centres (RCC) need to be reviewed. It has been agreed that a review will be conducted following the introduction of a new enterprise agreement, and will be part of the staff terms and conditions discussions. The review will be conducted with CFS management and the employee working party (EWP).

3. Proposal to change SOP
Changes to SOP 1.5 will now give staff the option of making themselves available for night shift on a volunteer basis. If members wish to work this shift they will be paid all appropriate shift penalties that apply. This proposal will form an important part of the staff terms and conditions review.

4. Site Visit
The PSA will be visiting the CFS State Training Centre at Brukunga on Thursday 2 November 2017. Members and non members are invited to discuss matters of interest within the agency, including an EB update which is currently being negotiated with the South Australian Government. Please contact PSA for information on timing of site visit.