PSA Members Respond to Psychological Assessments - Members Remain United on Improvements Required for Child Safety

07 March 2017

PSA members have come together to discuss the current dispute regarding psychological assessments.

Concerns continue to be raised whether the Department for Child Protection (DCP) has a genuine commitment to child safety, while a significant amount of issues in the practice of rotation care remain outstanding.

Members continue to raise concerns about the process of psychological assessment. The PSA will continue to explore these issues with DCP.

At the last member meeting PSA members unanimously endorsed the following motion;

PSA members are united that all out children deserve a safe environment and high level of care. Psychological assessments are not a silver bullet, and provide no guarantee to workers' wellbeing or child safety.

PSA members endorse the PSA to pursue and restore all industrial protections into any such process of psychological assessment.

The department must address and accept that child safe environments require all appropriate strategies (including those outstanding in DCP communication), but also not limited to matters such as appropriate staffing (i.e. 2 up on shift), resourcing, and support (i.e. supervision and training) to provide the level of care our children deserve.

PSA members remain united, and without progress on all these matters will consider all their industrial options.

The PSA will report back to members this week. On Monday 6 March there was another conference at the South Australian Industrial Relations Commission, further details will be provided very soon.

Continue to be active, up to date and follow the progress of this matter.