PSA Update for DECD Regional Office Staff

09 April 2018

The PSA met with members working in regional offices last week via teleconference.
The PSA has discussed the setting up of a Regional Office Consultative Committee as an ongoing forum to discuss issues in the regional offices. The PSA has not received commitment from DECD at this point however discussions continue with the aim of setting this up.

PSA members previously requested further information about the data sets surrounding the setting up of the new Elizabeth South Team.

DECD has provided the following information to the PSA.


Discipline group

Data sets Considered

Speech pathologist

Student with language and communication disabilities, AEDC communication domain and total vulnerabilities, referrals and enrolments.


Students with disabilities, special options, number of category 1 & 2 sites.

Behaviour Coaches

Suspensions, Behaviour referrals

Special Educators

Students with disabilities

Attendance & Engagement Social Workers

Schools with less 80% attendance and schools with high numbers of chronic non attenders


Ratio of demand for partnerships transferring to Elizabeth South

PSA members also questioned when the resource allocation group working group would begin.

DECD has clarified that ‘the resource allocation group has not begun work yet and is envisaged that it will be established later in the year. Its purpose is to establish mechanisms and data sets for long term, ongoing resource allocation processes.’

The PSA will be continuing to meet with members in the regional offices to address communication and other issues raised by members. We are stronger together. If your colleagues are not union members remind them why it is important to join.