Psychological Testing - IRC Recommends Department Reconsider its position

21 March 2017

The Industrial Relations Commission has recommended that the Department for Child Protection reconsider its position on psychological testing, a letter in response was sent to the PSA on 16 March 2017. The letter is attached here.

The Commission further recommended that the Department not issue any appointment letters until the matter had been the subject of further Commission processes on 29 March 2017, and that the Department not schedule any appointments before mid April.

The matter has been listed in the Commission on Wednesday 29 March for further talks.

In the meantime, the Commission has recommended that the parties meet as a matter of urgency in a genuine attempt to progress the matter. The Commissions recommendations are attached here.

A members meeting will be held on 28 March 2017 at the PSA, (122 Pirie Street, Adelaide, 5000) from 11am-12noon.

Parking is available on Wyatt Street and you will be reimbursed on departure. Light refreshments will be made available.

The coming weeks will be very important for members to engage in and be involved in discussions about the issues. PSA members have expressed serious concerns about the potential for catastrophic outcomes in both work and family life from any inappropriate information sharing arising from the proposed psychological testing.

Your PSA Industrial Officers will continue to discuss with members in more detail the issues you have been raising. This will be important in preparing for the next steps. PSA members' strength will be to continue working together throughout this process.