RDNS Enterprise Bargaining | PSA Update

09 December 2019

On Thursday 5 December 2019 the RDNS consultative committee between management, staff representatives and union Worksite Representatives met and discussed a number of issues. These included the concerns of PSA members in the contact centre in relation to workload and training and also the enterprise bargaining process and how this impacts on staff who have come from Domiciliary Care in Government.

Your Worksite Representatives were able to ask the questions and raise the issues that have been discussed at PSA meetings earlier that week. Questions presented to management and were:

1.  What is the intention of Silver Chain/RDNS in bargaining for the next non-nursing agreement as it relates to staff who work in Community Care in SA with RDNS, and in particular those who were previously employed in Domcare in the SA state government?

2.  Considering the expiry date of 30 June 2020 for the non-nursing agreement, why are negotiations only starting in April?

3. If negotiations continue past 30 June 2020, what is SilverChain’s position in relation to the staff who are currently employed on copied state instruments?

4.  Could the new EBA contain specific appendices, schedules and/or grand-parenting clauses for community care staff in SA? Could Silverchain develop a separate agreement for community care staff in SA?

5.  Can you please clarify for staff what the "better-off overall" test (BOOT) means in the context of a new agreement for them. A number of staff believe they were told they would not lose any conditions because of the BOOT and/or that the BOOT was against their current agreement.

6.  If staff are currently on the Super SA scheme, as part of a new EBA, can this be included so that permanent employees can still remain in this state government scheme rather than what RDNS has in place? Which staff can access SuperSA?

7. What guarantees can Silver Chain give community care staff about entitlement pay-out rates, job security and length of service post June 2020.

8. There is currently no AHP 3 level in the Silver Chain agreement. What is the plan for staff who are working at AHP 3 level?

9. Would Silver Chain consider continuing flexi time?

10. What commitment will Silver Chain give to flexible working arrangements?

11. Will Silver Chain commit to ensuring no disadvantage to part time workers in relation to increment progression?

RDNS management assured the committee that final decisions have not yet been made and they are open to discussions about how to manage this situation. Questions asked by staff and the PSA will be collated and then sent to staff with answers as FAQs.