SA Health | NALHN Mental Health (NALHN MH) | Administration Support Review | Release of Executive Summary

06 January 2020

NALHN MH has forwarded a copy of the Executive Summary of Recommendations from the Administrative Support Review to the Public Service Association (PSA). A copy of the summary can be seen here.

The PSA notes that the summary states that “Numerous recommendations from the report include...”, implying that there are other recommendations that have not been included in this summary.

The PSA also notes that NALHN MH states that “Further consideration to these recommendations will be made in light of forthcoming operational changes as part of the redesign of our mental health services.“, and that “Staff will have further opportunities to review the proposed structure and provide comments/ suggestions to inform the final service structure as part of a formal consultation process that will include industrial partners. We are anticipating a structure to be released by the end of the year and consultation will begin early in 2020.”

There has been no further release of any documents for consultation. Once this occurs, the PSA will review this information to determine if all recommendations have been included; if any proposed changed or new Role Descriptors have been provided for consultation; and if any workload assessment of any proposed new structures has been included for consultation as required by Clause 15.2 of the South Australian Modern Public Sector Enterprise Agreement: Salaried 2017.

Only when all this information has been received by the PSA and members can the PSA then engage in meaningful consultation with members. Members require all available information to be able to consider any proposals and provide fully informed feedback.

The PSA will provide further Information Updates after NALHN MH provides further information.